Real Client Stories: Patricia

We first met Patricia while her husband was undergoing skin cancer surgery with Dr. Imola. And while those circumstances were definitely less than ideal, we’re so glad that she found us! Patricia had been passively looking for an aesthetician for some time, but had not committed to anything. While her husband was in surgery, she walked upstairs to the Aesthetics by Design desk and booked her first appointment with Beryl, and, as she says her skin has been wonderful since.

“I look forward to my monthly appointments with Beryl, which usually involve small peels. I’ve had quite a few peels at this point. About once a year, I get a big one. The first one I had, I went into my appointment at 7am and then left my white face on for 7 hours – now that’s a peel. It was the first time I’d ever undergone anything like that, and it was amazing. It got rid of my sun damage. I’ve also gotten cheek bone filler injections, after consulting with Beryl. That was fun because you get dramatic results. It’s huge! I’m 70 years old and while gravity can certainly get you, I have very few wrinkles. Luckily, there is usually very little healing time with Beryl or the injectionist. My injections came with minimal bruising. Even deep peels don’t put me down; I’ve never been hampered at any time by any treatment they have given me. I always leave Aesthetics by Design feeling rejuvenated, especially after a peel. But really, my monthly maintenance routine does most of the work. I love NIA products and use them regularly. Also, every time I go in for a treatment, I get a boost in collagen for firmer skin. The next thing I want to try is laser skin resurfacing! Beryl really thinks about her clients all the time, constantly looking out for new things to recommend and tailor to your specific needs. I especially appreciate that she’ll tell me when something won’t work. When I call to make my next appointment and the person on the line asks what it’s for, I just say, ‘Whatever Beryl wants!’ That’s how much I trust her. She’s so capable, so professional. She knows everything, and she figures it out.”