My World's Worst Picture

Truth: I love being an aesthetician. I get to hang out with my friends, aka patients, make people feel better about themselves, and have fun with science every single day. Another plus of the job is that I get to connect with other talented practitioners in, and out, of the skin industry. One of these wonderful friends is Amber at Shed & Co. Even though we individually have all the parts for an amazing skincare treatment at our disposal, sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do the work and try something new. Last month Amber popped in our office to experience the wonderful world of medical aesthetics. Here is her take on her experience with the Visia Skin Analysis.

My World's Worst Pic

I have a lot of estie besties, the best kind of friends to have! One of those friends, Sarah Rutherford, is actually just down the street from me at Aesthetics By Design. Sarah says that we are opposites, which I suppose is true, we do not offer any of the same services. I think we compliment each other. I actually went in to visit Sarah for a Visia Skin Analysis and a HydraFacial and the experience was so cool that I just had to share.

“We are going to take the world’s worst picture of you!” Sarah said with excitement as she walked me into my treatment room for my Visia Skin Analysis. There was a special computer with a little cube for my face. I put my face in the cube and it started taking pictures. It was a super quick process, after the last click I sat on the treatment table while Sarah showed me the coolest, world’s worst pictures of myself.

The Visia Skin Analysis takes pictures of your face and then measures and records surface and subsurface skin conditions including wrinkles, brown spots, and UV damage. How cool is that? It also compares your age and the condition of your skin with the results of your peers. Here is what we found.

Spots: 94%

Wrinkles: 82%

Texture: 94%

Pores: 92%

UV: 79%

Brown Spots: 74%

Red Areas 92%

Porphyrins (Bacteria): 19%


What does all of that mean? With a Visia you want to be at 50% or higher, “It means that you have less of whatever we are looking at than your friends.” Sarah told me as we went over the numbers. She also said that my skin is so smooth you could ice skate on it. That worst little picture of me shows my skin is actually winning at life! You can see from my numbers that I am doing great in all categories except, of course, bacteria which is not a shock since I am blemish prone. The great thing about this skin analysis is that you can see where your skin is doing well plus you can see where, maybe, it needs a little support and then get guidance from your aesthetician. I think that everyone should have this done!

My Visia Skin Analysis was followed by a HydraFacial. For those who have not had a HydraFacial, it is a little like a slobbery microdermabrasion. It uses suction to remove impurities from the skin while infusing it with serums. It feels amazing! Of course after my service my skin was beautiful, bright and glowing.

I know it might seem odd to make recommendations for services that I do not offer, but I think that there is something beautiful about having a community that you can trust and rely on. I found my visit to be very beneficial and I want to share that. Plus, if someone wants to try something that I do not offer then I want them to go to someone that I trust! In addition to Visia Skin Analysis and Hydrafacial, Aesthetics by Design offers Botox, fillers, and laser hair removal. It is a great place and I am so happy to have them as my neighbors!

Want to see what your skin results are? Mention this post when you book your Visia Skin Analysis with Sarah and it is FREE! Follow the link or call today.

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