PATIENT feedback

I am a 53 year old professional and I have been getting my frown lines Botoxed for a number of years and I have had one previous experience with filler that wasn’t great. I saw a number of different people over the years but always dermatologists until I had a consultation with Sheri. She talked to me about different Botox options to get better, more consistent results. Sheri also discussed filler (what it is, where to should be used and why). I was nervous about fillers (because of my previous experience) but felt I was in good hands so I went ahead with Sheri’s proposed treatment. I am SO pleased with the results!! I look natural, just “fresher” and, honestly, YOUNGER! Sheri has an artistic eye combined with a great deal of experience and, I think, this is why her results are so much better than my other Botox/filler experiences. Thank you Sheri!
— Tracy W.
I was apprehensive about getting Botox, and for months I researched every medspa in the Denver and surrounding areas to find just the right place. I came across Aesthetics by Design and after seeing Sheri Dean, all worries I had were put to rest. Sheri took care of my fine lines but didn’t leave me with a frozen face, which is exactly what I wanted. She listens very carefully and answers any questions. I will continue to come to Sheri because she is super friendly, honest about what services I can (or shouldn’t) do, and continuously gives me the results I want! I highly recommend her!
— Makenzie B.
The Aesthetics by Design staff are true professionals. Beryl Reker is amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to concerns and answer questions. I recently had an Active FX procedure and she took great care of me during the procedure and the months following. Beryl truly cares about her patients and she goes above and beyond to provide impeccable care. I also must mention the Client Care Coordinator, Peggy. She is delightful and so personable and friendly. I can’t say enough about Aesthetics by Design- they are the best! I always know I will get the best care when I go in for a visit.
— Jen D.
I went to see Beryl for Rosacea 4 years ago. She implemented a program of skin care and light treatments (Intense Pulsed Light) and at the age of 46 my skin looks better than it ever has. Beryl is a knowledgeable, competent aesthetician with the experience and ability to help you have the face you have been longing for. She offers products and services carefully selected to give you the best results possible. Her staff is friendly and helpful and her office is meticulously clean. Beryl Reker receives my highest recommendation.
— esley
I have found that all procedures have been more effective and less expensive than other dermatologists’ I’ve seen. I have been coming for 13 years to have various skin procedures, and my skin quality has improved immeasurably. I highly recommend the procedures and the product lines. Dear Beryl, Thank you so much for all that you did for me. I appreciate it more than I can express in this card. For the first time I feel so optimistic about having clear skin. Your time, support, and of course products mean so much. I had freckles all over my face as young as 5 years old. I always hated them and Beryl zapped them all away. I love Beryl and most of all, I trust her.
— Karen
Always makes me look better… Very delightful to work with...gives me great suggestions that fit my budget.
— Lydia M.
I have been a client of Beryl Reker for at least 12 years and can honestly say my skin is clearer and more youthful looking now, 12 years later, because of the treatments she has performed and products she has recommended. I developed melasma (brown patches) from many years of taking birth control pills in my thirties. Beryl is very knowledgeable about how to treat this condition without aggravating it. My skin has been free of melasma for over a decade and I’ve spent plenty of time in the sun vacationing on the beach and camping. Beryl is a compassionate, friendly, and caring professional who I consider an expert in Aesthetics – I wouldn’t go to anyone else! I would give Beryl 10 stars if I could!
— Em B.
Professional! They take their business seriously! Very knowledgeable and excellent service. A lot of care taken for each of their clients. They listen to your needs and help as much as they possibly can. Great ambience and truly upscale facility without the upscale costs. Had recommended and will continue to recommend my friends, clients and family.
— Zee G.
Beryl Reker is my go-to person for skincare. She is so knowledgeable and helpful in keeping my skin looking years younger. I couldn’t do without her. She is always the person I recommend for any skin care issue. I especially enjoy her honesty when it comes to skin care products. No up-sell here. I can’t say enough good stuff about her.
— Paula R.
For several years I have been honored and privileged to be a client of Beryl Reker. She is extremely well informed and educated about skincare. I know when I go to Aesthetics by Design I am receiving the highest level of care. I am 61 years old and no one who meets me can believe I am that age because Beryl has taken such excellent care of my skin and she provides amazing products that help me maintain younger looking skin.
— Linda H.
There are 100 things Beryl Reker, PMA & Director of Skincare at Aesthetics by Design, has done for my skin – but HERE’S the best: She carefully examines and monitors my skin – and THEN manages to stay abreast of every single product & service out there – eliminating 90% of the possibilities – embracing the stellar 10%. THAT’S what she brings to my skin! I get compliments nearly every day: I’ve no blemishes, am pretty darn wrinkle-free – and my skin glows – with a minimal amount of product. She’s the best in the business. I trust her beyond measure – period.
— Cathie B.
Hi Beryl, I just wanted to thank you for remembering me for the eyelash product. Also thank you for letting me try it. I was at Ulta the other day and I was going to get the makeup I have been using and the girl helping me asked why I was using such a heavy, high coverage make up. She told me that my skin looked great and I did not need to wear that anymore! I had no makeup on either. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks for making me look so good.
— Cherie
After seeing Sheri, I would highly recommend her services! The difference is subtle yet dramatic. My eyes were really beginning to show their age, since seeing Sheri and getting filler and botox my face looks younger and brighter! She found the perfect balance of not over doing it but of making a profound difference! Her expertise has taken years off visually and therefore how I feel inside as well!
— Elissa S