Visia Skin Analysis

Price: FREE w/Skincare Consultation ($65 value)

In-depth Skin Care analysis

Visia Skin Analysis is a leading technology used to analyze age-related skin changes, providing objective, detailed information about the condition of your skin. The Visia system uses advanced imaging techniques, such as multi-point positioning, to capture in-depth, high-resolution images of your skin. With this information, highly-trained specialists at Aesthetics by Design are able to determine the appropriate facial treatments for your specific skin, developing a plan of action for its care and rejuvenation.

The Visia Advantage

At Aesthetics by Design we can determine if skin care treatments such as microdermabrasion, IPL, chemical peels, or overall skin resurfacing are the best option for you based, in part, on Visia imagery. Whether you’re interested in Botox, or a dermal filler like Juvederm, a Visia skin analysis is the first step in helping you achieve results you desire. We base our skincare clinic treatments on the in-depth evaluation, which we perform during our initial consultation process.

Skin Analysis explained

What is Skin analysis? Skin analysis is one of the most important steps in skin care treatment. When you visit our medical spa in Denver, our skin care experts gather valuable information about your skin type and history. Skin analysis is used to classify your specific skin type, identify existing skin conditions, and develop the best treatment options for you. Depending on your skin analysis results, a variety of facial treatments may be recommended, such as hydrafacial, microneedling, or an exfoliating chemical peel. 

benefits of Skin Analysis

Have you ever wondered what is going on beneath the surface of your skin? If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, acne, melasma, rosacea, sun damaged, or aging skin then the Visia Skin Analysis is the perfect skin rejuvenation assessment for you. At Aesthetics by Design we have the ability to develop targeted facial treatment programs utilizing this advanced system.

Understanding Visia Results

Visia represents the current state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation analysis system. The Visia system utilizes proprietary RBX technology with unique lighting and image-capture systems combined with multi-point subject positioning and computer analysis are used to give standardized and reproducible high-resolution facial images. Traditional RBG (red-green-blue) photography is combined with cross-polarized and ultra-violet imaging technology to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions.

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What to expect during and after a Visia Skin Analysis.

The Visia Skin Analysis Machine gives our patients the most comprehensive analysis in the identification of various skin conditions to determine optimal skin rejuvenation treatment options. During your consultation, one of our aestheticians will thoroughly cleanse your skin for precise imaging. We will then take 3 photos of your skin in a 30 second timeframe to analyze with the Visia. This process is very quick, painless and the results are computed in less than 1 minute. Once the results are configured in the system, one of our highly trained aestheticians will evaluate the images and explain the results.

Your Customized Skin Care Report

The Visia Skin Care machine will determine skin conditions, the normalcy of your skin, and how your skin compares with others of the same chronological age and skin type. The Visia Skin Analysis will allow our medical spa staff to create a customized report for facial treatments and ongoing skincare plan of action. Follow-up sessions will show the improvements that have been made based your skin care efforts.

Revitalize Your Skin Today

Discover how our Visia Skin Analysis machine can help you identify problem areas and improve your skin today! Skin analysis is an excellent starting point in the revitalization of your skin. We offer a complimentary Visia analysis at our skin care clinic for all of our new patient consultations at Aesthetics by Design and encourage you to take advantage of this service.

Skin Care Treatments

Our skin care experts offer much more than just comprehensive skin analysis. At Aesthetics by Design, we want you to look your best with our skin care clinic. Whether you are looking for Denver laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, the best facial Denver has to offer —  or any other type of medical grade skin care – our experts are here to help you enhance your appearance. When you’re looking for quality customer service and fast results, be sure to turn to Aesthetics by Design. Let our friendly and professional Denver-based team help you by mapping out your custom skin care journey, today!